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loveThe ‘Button Jar LOVE Stories’ tell the journey of your MARRIAGE or RELATIONSHIP from the moment you met to this moment in time.  Your Love Story is a unique story in your life that began with just one moment in time.

What are those stories?
How has your relationship defined you? 
How do you want your family and loved ones to remembered your Love Story?

This could be your Love Story or that of your Parents or Grandparents?

The LOVE STORIES in your family are precious.
Often the foundation of many families; those Love Stories change so much from one generation to the next.

How do you begin to tell those stories?

You begin RIGHT HERE.

The 25 LOVE questions will easily guide you by prompting memories of the moment you met, the memories you’ve shared, the challenges and changes along the way.

This is a story you tell together. Preserve the Love Story in your life, before it is lost forever.

Enjoy this WONDERFUL journey of LOVE.