Imagine if our DNA carried the memory of our father and forefathers.

Imagine knowing from birth, what they knew.

Imagine being born with ‘true’ cellular memory genetically handed down from generation to generation.

Imagine the ability to develop that ‘cellular memory’ like a sixth sense in the same way our brain develops every other aspect of our growth from birth.  Our motor skills, speech patterns, language, defining physical and facial features…. and the memory of our forefathers.  

Imagine, as part of our growth development, a particular part of our brain begins to develop with such insight and clarity, the ability to know the ancestors from our birth line through memory recollection. People we will never meet, but over the years of our life, we come to know them through memories sparked of who they were, what they were, and how they lived their life.

Imagine how differently we would live our life knowing that one day OUR life will also be as vividly recalled by the children and grandchildren who will carry our DNA.

I wonder, would we be more authentic in the choices we now make in our life?

Unfortunately, we don’t have that ability to know our loved ones with such amazing insight.

We don’t have the ability to forever store the memories of our own life in such a way to genetically hand down as a legacy of who we were.

I think it is only as we grow older with the passing of years and see our own life being lived in the final trimester of a life span, that we truly come to understand how precious are the memories we have made and shared in.  Memories that unless we write down and preserve, will become lost and forgotten just as our physical bodies, when that day comes to return to the ground as dust and daisies.

A memory preserved in your lifetime is a memory that will live on through the lives of those you may never meet, but who will carry so much more of who you were; than simply the knowledge that you once existed.

The ‘true’ story of YOU can begin today with ‘Button Jar Stories’.

Until next time….. Celeste x