You WILL become the HERO of someone’s bedtime story. 

You WILL become the lesson to learn. You WILL become the example set.  You WILL become the hilarious moment shared amongst family and friends. You WILL become the flavour of the month when someone says… ‘Oh yes.  I knew him/her very well.’

One day your life WILL be put under the microscope to be dissected, analyzed and debated.  It won’t necessary happen when you’re living…but will definitely happen when you’re dead. Life’s like that.

With the world losing so many acclaimed actors, musicians, novelists and identities of late; it amazes me it is only in their passing we then learn so much more of this person who inevitably becomes an even greater legend in death. It’s a time when it becomes far too late for that person to bask in the glory or tell the real story about their life as only they would know it.

Your big day kicks off at your Funeral.  This day becomes the celebration of you.  It’s when everyone gets to hear what an amazing person you were.  The challenges only you faced.  The people you loved and loved you. But think about this…

Why is it, come that day, it’s up to someone else to write and tell your story?

Why is it only in death we get to know the real story of someone we love?  And it’s never the whole story mind you….only the bits they think they know.

So why is it, you are not having the LAST word on YOUR life? 

Write the book that YOU will read to those you love.  Write the book that captures those hilarious moments only YOU know.  Write the book that depicts the challenges they don’t know YOU faced.  Write the book that so beautifully expresses the reasons you loved the ones you do. Write YOUR story. Hold your book and then let it be the book others will hold and read from to tell the story of you, on the day of your final celebration.

Only you know the whole story.  Tell it.  Begin today. It’s just one question at a time as I guide you through the places, times and events of your life to make it happen.  It begins here on the ‘Button Jar Stories’ Website.

Until next Sunday….Celeste x