Whooohoooo. Today we wake to a brand new year.

To me, it’s like opening a Pandora’s Box of mystery and wonderment.  I feel tentative yet bold at the same time. I know personally, this will be a big year of change.  Just how much this particular year is going to change me, is the question mark that has me most excited. But I’m also mentally padded up for the uncertainty that that change will bring. I wish it was as simple as pulling out my telescope to see clearly what lay ahead for me this year.

With the untimely deaths this week of Mother and Daughter (Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher), it took me back to how unpredictable life can be. Many of us have been swept up in the wash of having our life thrown into turmoil due to the synchronicity or timing of events we had no control over.

Imagine if Debbie had the ‘telescope of life’ and could see that ‘one day’ in the distance of her 84th year, when she would lose her beloved Daughter.

Imagine if Carrie had seen that ‘one day’ in her 60th year, when her mother was going to finally leave the spotlights of life.

Imagine if both women could see that that ‘one day’ of both their lives, would become within hours of being, the ‘same’ day. The timing became a shock wave of emotion that not only rocked this family but also the world. The absolute synchronicity and timing of life, is that we can’t see what lay ahead no matter how much we try.

My Father owned a beautiful brass telescope. He would spend many clear nights looking deep into the evening sky and marveled at the mystery beyond that black void. But he could never have seen the day his life would end in a moment.

A Tuesday evening, no warning, no preparation. He was just gone. Within that very same hour, I met the man who would become my husband and the father of my children.  It wasn’t planned.  It wasn’t pre-arranged.  It just happened. We never saw it coming.

On a Monday afternoon in February 1999, we brought our son into this world. Within that very same hour my Mother took her last breath and left this world forever. It was her 68th  year.

Had either of my parents had a ‘telescope of life’, surely they would have seen that happening. It was not part of the many plans they still had. Mum would never have wished, that on every birthday we celebrate with our Son, we also remember her with heartache and tears as it will always be the anniversary of her death.  But that’s just the synchronicity and timing of life.

As I tentatively open the Pandora Box of 2017 I wish I could hold that virtual ‘telescope of life’ firmly in my hands and see clearly what lay ahead. I just hate not knowing! But I am mindful that we can plan for a new year; plan for a new beginning; plan for a new resolution; but in reality, the picture that we cannot see in that lens is already well in focus and beyond our control to change.  The best we can do is keep the lens polished, the mind alert, and always appreciate and be thankful for the timing that is life.

Never take for granted the mere moments in time we have with those we love. Treasure their stories, their adventures, their unique experiences.

My wish for you in 2017 is a year full of storytelling, memories and bright stars in the evening sky upon which to send your precious wishes.

Until next Sunday, Celeste x