So you call yourself un-romantic? Well, the true fact is…we all originated from a Love Story!

Mushy, gushy, unromantic or not… it has always been the classic story of boy meets girl, and the rest is history.   For some, that amazing Love Story may not be that of your Parents, Grandparents or even Great Grand Parents. But somewhere back further, hidden in the mix of DNA pumping through your veins; or hanging in your Family Tree, there has to be one incredible Love Story that is part of your heritage.  But do you know it?

In most families, there is still alive and kicking, a beautiful Love Story right under your nose.

It may be that of your Parents or your Grandparents, but do you know their Love Story?  I mean the REAL Love Story. Have you ever asked them? Do you know how your Dad met your Mum?  Do you know the pick-up line your Grandad used to woo your Grandmother?  Do you know how the BIG question was popped?  Where they married or if in fact, they did marry!  For some families, a wedding didn’t happen as you many have thought.

One of the themes on the ‘Button Jar Stories’ website is LOVE.

With the LOVE THEME, I have loaded it with specific questions created to ignite so many memories so you can easily journal the love story of members in your family. That story is then formatted, nurtured and printed to grace the pages of a beautiful Book that will become their very own LOVE STORY.  The priceless Book will be the legacy to have and hold and pass down to the next generations of star struck lovers in your family.  What an anniversary gift that would be!!!


I want to hear THE most amazing Love Story in your family.

I’m not talking in the last decade, I’m talking in the last five or more decades.  The ultimate classic Love Story that has stood the test of time.  Email me, the Love Story that defines your family. In the subject heading type ‘OUR LOVE STORY’.  Keep it to about 500 words. Make sure to include a photo of the couple in question. Over the coming weeks, I’ll post the most engaging stories up onto my website as the ‘Real Life Love Story’ of your Family.

Together, let’s bring out the love and perhaps rediscover some of those best pick-up lines tucked up Grandad’s sleeve.


Until next Sunday….  Celeste x