Bring back the Instagran!

Instagram; definition: – photo sharing, video sharing through social networks either publicly or privately.

Isn’t that the definition of a super proud, super loving insta – ‘Granny’?

Pulling out the ‘Brag Book’ full of photos of the kids and grandkids at every possible opportunity through social networks be that public, private or at Thursday Morning Bingo, is how things were done when my kids were young.

Capturing moments; reliving a snapshot of time; being instantly transported back to an event of pure happiness and bliss; is something we all try to do no matter what era we were born in to.  Modern technology just tries to make it all the more…. instant!  And often, because of that, we miss the beauty in that moment.

Every memory and every moment of our lives these days seem to be stored somewhere on a microchip.

Personally, I feel nothing compares to being able to take an old photograph out of your wallet, hold it, touch it, feel it, smell it and then turn it over to see someone’s hand written message etched on the back….’Our Family, Summer of ’69.’  You hold that photo knowing it has been held in the very same hands of that person scripting the notation making it even more special.

I hold one fear for this era of instant everything, and that is, that we will lose that sense of the things that were created over a long period of time.  The ability to sit with a big box of old photos and spend hours lovingly reliving the days gone by knowing that these photos have been held in many wise and loving hands before yours.  You just don’t get that same feeling holding a microchip.

I say, bring back the Insta-Granny as she is the greatest protection you can find when it comes to safely storing the things you hold most dear.

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Until next Sunday……Celeste x