Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Abbreviations, Paragraphs, Paraphrasing, Structure, Composition blah blah blah. 

OML it isn’t that important!!!!!

What is important is that you just get your words out in any way, shape or form you can.

One of the concerns I hear with many people who begin documenting their stories and memories through ‘Button Jar Stories’ is their embarrassment that they cannot spell.

My response is usually this…

“I want you to picture in your mind a 15-year-old boy sitting alone in his bedroom. It is late at night and his parents sleep only meters away on the other side of the wall. The boys’ head is in his hands and he is desperately trying to muffle the sounds of his sobbing. His pillow is wet from the tears that won’t stop coming.

This young boy is feeling like his whole life is full of confusion, hurt, anger, and torment. He feels like no one understands him. No one gets him, and no one will stop long enough to notice his cries for help. He feels judged, worthless and constantly challenged. But most of all he feels completely misunderstood.

He feels like the world he has to live in, is full of so much pain and rage and turmoil and that no matter what he does, his life will never be any different. He feels that he is just a nobody going nowhere. He feels that if he was not around anymore, everyone else would be better off and probably wouldn’t even notice. He feels ending his life or taking a hand full of little white pills, would be the smartest decision he has ever made.

This 15-year-old boy is your Great Grandson. He shares your name, your birthright, your DNA. So, what do you tell him?”

Now picture this….

On a shelf in his room sits a book with gold words etched into the cover.
It simply reads… ‘It’s One Memory at a Time.’
Inside this book is your photograph and the book is filled with your words.

Your words tell the story of your life.  The challenges, the encounters, the pain and the heartache that you experienced as a teenager and how your life did evolve from those confusing years. It tells of the brilliance, the beauty, the loves, the conquests and the enormity of some days.  It also tells of the thrill of overcoming the incredible lows in your life to wake to another day of unbelievable highs. It tells of all the times you didn’t give up or give in, to the troubles that seem insurmountable as a Teenager.  This young boy, your Great Grandson, begins to read your words, your stories and your memories of the incredible life that you lived.

So, let me ask you….

Do you think for one moment in your Great Grandson’s absolute moment of need as he holds your words in his hands, that he will judge you on your spelling?

Never underestimate the power of your words.

Always be mindful of the fact that your life may be the life that will transform the life of someone you will never meet.

Begin today.  www.buttonjarstories.com   Your future is waiting to meet your past.

Until next Sunday….Celeste x