How many LISTS do you have? 

If you’re like me you have a list clipped to the fridge door, scribbled beside the bed, posted on the computer, crumpled up at the bottom of your handbag or left thoughtlessly in the bottom of the shopping trolley.

So why do we make a list?

We make a LIST so we will remember the important stuff we don’t want to forget. 

Writing a list is easy, doable and for many of us, if we don’t have a list ruling some aspect of our life we worry that the Universe as we know it will implode, the kids will starve and the Sun will disappear from the sky. Ok slight over exaggeration but that is the first thought that comes to mind if you lose that sacred list…right?  Right!

The physical act of creating a list is done by writing or typing one thing at a time as it comes to mind. It’s not overwhelming. It’s a process that ensures we won’t forget; we will remember, and we won’t kick ourselves for not doing it whilst it was foremost in our mind.

So why then, would you not do that with the ones you love?

Why would you not jot down a single memory that came to mind of your Mum or Dad?  The emotion that was attached to that memory. The details of why that memory is so important to you and something you don’t want to forget, or loose or have become lost in your life.

We write things down because they ARE important to us.  We know that if we don’t write it down, we WILL forget and time has a very cruel way of ensuring we will forget.

I had a lady ring me this week enquiring if ‘Button Jar Stories’ was a way she could preserve the memories of her Dad using the notes and lists of events and times in her Father’s life she had compiled over many years.  My answer to her was… ‘Yes. Of course.’

The beauty of ‘Button Jar Stories’ is that you can upload your writing, your journals or your many lists of thoughts and emotions and memories of those you love….as a word file right on to the website, and on to your personal private digital page.

The Questions on the page will open up new thought processes and enrich further your notes already documented. Once completed, this particular lady is going to receive a leather-bound book with all the memories and writings she has done, now preserved on quality silk paper that will last at least 200 years and will become a priceless keepsake of her Father.

If loo paper, dog food and toothpaste are important enough to put on your list…then why isn’t the memories of those you love equally as important?

Go to the fridge right now and write at the top of your list.

Ensure the memories and stories of those you love and who have mattered in your past, will always be fully stocked in your pantry of life for today and tomorrow.

Until next Sunday…. Celeste x