No one knows you like YOU do.

Here at ‘Button Jar Stories’ you Journal your Memoirs.

Firstly Purchase your Private Page.
Then Journal Memories prompted by Specific Questions.
Your Life Story easily comes Together.
Simply Journal One Memory at a Time.

Record and Preserve the Life Stories you want Remembered.

Once completed, your Stories are Edited and Printed.
Then your Memoirs are Bound in Hard Cover Leather.
Your Book is then Delivered to your Door.



Isn’t your story or that of a loved one worth it?
It’s the gift that will become more special with time.

Your Story. Your Memoirs
Preserved in Print as a legacy of Love.


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“My life changed in that moment.”
This is MY Story.

When I can’t say it, I write it! Welcome to my Sunday BLOG.

It was in his Diary.

It was in his Diary.

I’m holding my Dad’s diary. It’s really nothing very flash, just a little blue hard covered book. The front of the diary is branded with a corporate logo partially covered by a brightly coloured sticker from his favourite radio station. The year of the diary is 1993....

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YEP I’m still alive!

YEP I’m still alive!

Come pay your respect – YEP I’m still alive! This week I’ve talked a lot about funerals through the story telling workshops I’ve run. We identified that a funeral is often seen as a most worthy tribute to the persons' life. But once again it got me thinking…. What if...

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Imagine if…..

Imagine if…..

Imagine if our DNA carried the memory of our father and forefathers. Imagine knowing from birth, what they knew. Imagine being born with ‘true’ cellular memory genetically handed down from generation to generation. Imagine the ability to develop that ‘cellular memory’...

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A LIFE Question

“You have a ‘secret’ day to spend with any person from your past, who would that person be?”

A LOVE Question

“What is the greatest sacrifice you have made for Love.
Will you tell?”

A FAMILY Question

“Who was the legend in your Family Tree? Tell their story to the legends of your family tree tomorrow.”
So why the name – BUTTON JAR STORIES?

Apart from the fact it’s a really catchy name; lots of buttons crammed into an old jar is quite symbolic of who we are.
We wander through life jam-packed with so many colourful stories. Many of which, are just itching to be told.

Let me share a special memory of mine….

Celeste-Scott-2016--3As a little girl I’d spend hours playing with my Grandma’s medley of coloured buttons.  They absolutely fascinated me. As I’d hold them in my hands, she’d tell me of the adventures each little button had taken before ending up in her Button Jar.

There were discarded buttons from Sunday Bests to old military buttons she’s unstitched from uniforms my Great Uncles had worn to war.  Instinctively I knew, each button WAS a story. Yet here they were tossed together in an old jar, rusty lid screwed on tightly and put out of arms reach. In my mind, no one seemed to know their stories, but me!

Now as an adult I’m ever mindful of the silent stories carried around by those we pass in the street. Stories that have greatly shaped the many paths taken in life.

Which poses the Questions:

Will you leave this world with your stories left untold?
Will a box of photos really capture who you were?
Do you want to have the last word on your life?
Tell your stories your way . Leave the legacy of you to the next generation! 

This is ‘Button Jar Stories”. Preserving the stories time will forget.

BJS Fan Club

Our LIFE Story

Mum has early onset Dementia. We now realise her memories are precious. Her diagnosis was difficult for all our family so being asked to trial ‘Button Jar Stories’ was important for us. We spent weeks talking to mum on her good days about her life, her childhood, her family. She loved doing this, remembering and sharing with us things we never knew. The questions made it so easy. Instantly Mum’s face would light up and she’d begin another story. The beautiful book we received in the mail, we will treasure forever. As a family we can now keep Mum’s memories alive. Thank you BJS for this incredibly special opportunity.

Rose & Mary (Mum)

Life Stories

BJS Fan Club

Our LOVE Story

Sharing our love story with our family was a wonderful experience. They finally heard all about our courting days. I told Benny I wanted to write our LOVE story and he laughed. We’ve been married 48 years. He thought I’d finally lost my marbles. But I explained this was for the grandchildren to remember us.  Our wedding photo sits on the dresser but I don’t think anyone really knew our little story. Those early days and the hours we spent with the Parish Priest just so he’d marry us, was worth telling.  We’ve had a blessed marriage and now we have a book that is all about us.  Thank you ‘Button Jar Stories’.  We really do have our very own Love Story to brag about.

Benny and Iris

Love Stories

BJS Fan Cub

Our FAMILY Story

When we all get together anything can happen and it usually does.  When someone said they heard a local Writer who was looking for a large family to trial writing a story about themselves, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve always said someone has to write this stuff down and it may as well be me. So much has happened over the years that has had to make us stronger. We’ve lost family members that the grandkids never knew. Now they will. When I started looking at the questions I immediately knew this book was going to be great for us, and it was.  Thank you Celeste. You gave us a chance to remember why we call ourselves family.

The Fenley Family

Family Stories

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The ethos of 'Button Jar Stories'.

Honour the Storyteller.
Preserve the words time will forget. 

Preserving memories in printed word.
Embrace the Storyteller in every one of us.
Ignite the memories with questions rarely asked.  
Bring colours and emotion to our words through editing.
Protect the memories in one document for future generations.
Unveiling authentic reflections of a person’s life and life experiences.  
Flaming the embers of those we love, long after the spoken words are gone.
Bringing from heart to screen to print the personal stories spanning generations.
‘Button Jar Stories’ honours the memories. Enabling the words. Preserving the Stories.
It's the many words left untold, that time will one day forget.  It's just one memory at a time.

Celeste Frances Scott: Founder, Creator, Storyteller - 'Button Jar Stories'.